Every company is expected to have a mission. Well, we can’t save Amazon rainforests or prevent Bengal tiger extinction (yet). What we can do, though, is to bring proper Internet Service to Bali. And we’re doing just that.

Quality. Speed. Stability. Comfort. The kind of service you deserve.

Bali, being one of the biggest tourism centers, attracts people from all over the world.  People come to enjoy endless summer, full of sunny warmth, to conquer Bali’s surfing waves, to immerse themselves in the mystiques of ancient local culture. One of the things they can’t enjoy, sadly, is the Internet.  This is where Gecko helps those Digital Nomads that also decide to come here, as well as the multitude of business and home owners that simply want the internet service they are used to.

Internet has become an important intellectual resource for humanity, slowly putting old ways of communication and information supply aside. Everyone wants to keep in touch with their friends and family no matter where they are. Everyone likes getting breaking news in an instant of loading a webpage. Tv has been replaced with streaming services such as Netflix and radios have been replaced with MP3s and Spotify.

We want you to do all those things without a single thought about the technology behind it.
You shouldn’t be left without a service because your modem stopped responding and the tech support is closed for 3 days.
Your Internet connection shouldn’t get snail-slow in the evenings because your ISP sells you an “Up to” plan, and then adds tax and other charges on top of that super low price
It’s not okay to discover “20 Mbits” in the ad actually meant “maybe around 3Mbit of download most of the time, and we’re not sure about the upload”.
You shouldn’t be making a trip to nearest bank to make a payment when you can pay for anything online sitting on your sofa.

We’ve come to change it all. Join us.