Meaning of Gecko

How is Gecko different from everybody else? What is dedicated connection? If you browse through our website you can notice we really like to use the word “dedicated”. That’s not because it sounds nice or easy to pronounce (ˈdɛ-dɪ-keɪ-tədˈ, just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?) - It simply summarizes our service in the best way.

When we promise something, we deliver it. If you have “10Mbps” in your plan description that means you’re getting no less than 10Mbps provided to you all the time, 24/7 - no “heavy load time”, nobody’s going to tell you you have to put up with slow speeds because it’s “rush hour”. We say “no less” because sometimes it’s actually more -

The connection is dedicated because you’re the only one using your IP, and you know what to expect from it no matter what. Your upload speed is pretty much equal to your download speed and it’s not going to go down when someone in your street suddenly starts sharing his 500 gigabyte collection of cat photos. There are two technical terms used to describe bandwidth in telecommunications - CIR (Committed Information Rate) and PIR (Peak Information Rate). Our plan bandwidth is always the CIR one, we fully commit to provide this bandwidth to you 24/7.

You’ve seen “Shared” and “Up To” plans offered by some other companies. What they mean by that is the plan bandwidth being PIR, it’s the Peak Bandwidth. You theoretically may achieve under special circumstances. They have no commitment to provide you with that bandwidth through the whole service period since that speed is only Peak (and everybody defines Peak differently for themselves).

To tell you the truth, we are a bit confused about how this “Up To/Shared” business actually works so we’re doing everything simple. You may think that this article is a bit subjective and that’s because it is. We are avid users of Internet ourselves and we know what kind of service people want.

That is the basis of our operation.

We stand by our vision of a reliable and professional Internet connection and we’re proud to be able to serve it to you.