Legal, Terms and conditions

  1. Gecko operates as a brand of PT Econdelight (Depkominfo ISP license No. 44-2014) and member of APJII Reg. Number: 490/APJII/K-2016.
  2. Gecko is responsible to provide the Internet Service. Service is defined by providing Customer-managed equipment with access to the global Internet network.
  3. The connection of the Customer to Gecko service is made using dedicated radio channel and implies installation of a single Radio Transmitter (dish/grid) on Customer's premises.
  4. The Radio Transmitter is leased to the Customer free of charge. In case of termination of the service Gecko will uninstall all the equipment that was leased to the Customer.
  5. Gecko is responsible for installing Radio Transmitter and connecting the Customer's hardware to Gecko network. Customer's LAN (local area network) is the responsibility of the Customer.
  6. Gecko can provide SOHO hardware (switches, routers, wireless access points, etc.) by request for additional charge. All additional hardware is either provided by the Customer or purchased directly from Gecko.
  7. The Customer pays for additional hardware if necessary.
  8. If the setup procedure requires mounting of a special outdoor pole to host Radio Transmitter, the Customer agrees to pay for every 1-meter section of said pole. The Customer must have permission for pole mounting.
  9. Gecko provides 10 meter of carrier-tier shielded data cable for free. Every additional meter of cable is charged.
  10. Service is provided on a pre-paid monthly basis: every month Customer gets charged for the Internet package valid for one calendar month.
  11. Gecko reserves the right to temporarily stop the Service in case Customer’s Gecko account does not hold enough funds to cover chosen tariff package. The service will continue in two hours after the Customer's account is refilled and successfully charged.
  12. In case there were no payments made by the Customer during 2-month period Gecko reserves the right to terminate the service and uninstall all the equipment that was leased to the Customer.
  13. All payments that have been received by Gecko are non-refundable.
  14. Gecko is not responsible for any overpaid refund due to incorrect payment done by the customer. The overpaid amount will be credited into your next month billing.
  15. Gecko only provides monthly connection packages. Payments made after the due date of the month will result in the automatic billing system disconnecting the internet. The days of disconnection will not be refunded.
  16. Gecko will automatically send payment reminders by email.
  17. The Customer is provided with his own secure Personal Assistant available on Gecko website at Personal Assistant includes a Virtual Wallet which is going to be charged for Gecko services.
  18. The minimum subscription period depends on the tariff plan.
  19. The Customer has an option to park his account in case the Customer needs to temporary suspend Gecko service – “Internet On Hold”. The option is accessed through Personal Assistant or by e-mail (telephone) request. The first month of Internet On Hold is free, each next month is chargeable by the fee.
  20. Customer is free to modify his Internet package on the following terms: higher bandwidth packages can be applied immediately, lower bandwidth packages can be applied when current Internet package expires.
  21. The Customer can request to relocate at any time if it is possible to do the relocation at the newest place. Customers have to confirm by email:, phone: 085101570557. Before the relocation Gecko surveyor will do survey at the new Customers premises. A relocation fee will be charged depending on individual case.
  22. If any damage or loss occurs as a result of Customer negligence or misuse, the Customer will be charged for its repair or replacement.
  23. The Customer is solely responsible for the LAN (local area network) on the Customer’s end (where applicable), including the wireless access point, server, PC, laptop, notebook, router, camera and mobile device, etc.
  24. The Customer can request Gecko to send a technician to assist with the LAN connection. Such assistance is not a part of the service, will be provided on an availability/schedule basis and will accumulate additional fees.
  25. Gecko is responsible for providing phone (+62-851-0157-0-557 / +62-361-894-7676) and e-mail ( technical support at business hours, making sure the Service is being delivered to the Customer.
  26. For checking the real speedtest customer should switch off all devices except only one PC, connect it to the router and go the link provided by our support.
  27. The Customer is eligible for compensation in case the service interruption has been the result of Gecko actions. Compensation will be provided as extension of Customer’s current Internet package for a time equal to the interruption period.
  28. Gecko takes No responsibility for the illegal use of the internet connection (download / upload of illegal or copyrighted content, etc).
  29. The Customer is solely responsible for any activity he uses Gecko service for. Gecko assumes no responsibility in case the Customer uses Gecko service for any illegal purposes, including but not limited to: spamming, virus spreading and unauthorized access to the network components.
  30. Gecko takes No responsibility for any loss or expenditure caused by the inability of the Customer to use the Gecko internet service.
  31. Gecko conforms to Indonesian law and a number of Internet coordination papers, and will follow those accordingly.
  32. Natural disasters are events which cannot be prevented or avoided. Each party should take appropriate steps to avoid or minimize damage and losses.
  33. Neither the Customer nor Gecko are responsible for stoppage or delays caused by force majeure, including natural disasters (lightning, earthquakes, landslides, floods, storms, typhoons, fire, war, demonstrations, strikes, coup d’état or epidemics).
  34. Damage suffered by one party as a result of the natural disaster is not the responsibility of the other party.
  35. The terms and conditions herein do not stand alone and are used in conjunction with the registration form, activation form, connection alteration form, public offer and change in email address form, in accordance with any changes made over the course of the contract.