Gecko Business Solutions

Gecko as a Primary Internet Service Provider for you business: Any Business!

Gecko offers a reliable and stable Internet connection for service-oriented and product-oriented businesses alike. Our team of Geeks have specialised in providing a service that rival or exceed any international standards. It simply means less headache, more Internet. We can provide consultation services on modernizing your internal network infrastructure to make sure the Internet connection stops being a concern for you. We can reccomend cabling and CCTV specialist.  You get a dedicated memeber of staff that is a personal contact for your business, as well as access to our support 24/7/365 (even during Nyepi!)

What we offer

We provide dedicated symmetric (1:1) connections. We use carrier-grade wireless equipment which means the installation takes a couple of hours instead of weeks or month. You will have 2 weeks of trial completely for free without paying a dime so you have plenty of time to evaluate connection quality. Basic equipment to connect your network to Gecko is leased to you for free. We offer completely tailor made packages for businesses, with guaranteed dedicated & no fuss internet!  Contact us on

Gecko as a Backup Internet Service Provider

Your current Internet connection is disappointing but you are not ready to switch to other ISP? Your Internet goes down for hours or DAYS and your customers start a riot because they can’t look at cat videos?  You have a problem accessing your email, but your provider is refusing to acknowledge the problem?  Gecko can help!

You can set up Gecko as your Backup Internet Service Provider. The equipment to connect your network is leased to you for free. You have 2 actual weeks of free service to see if it’s good enough for you.

Depending on your hardware (and we can help with that) , you can get next to no Internet downtime, happy customers and you can concentrate on being a  happy  owner. For details and prices don’t hesitate to contact us at